Mazak Lathe Broaching Programming Template

Mazak Lathe Broaching Program

CNC Broach Tool contracted out the broaching templates we offer and that is exactly what they are, a guide to build from for those interested in broaching on their Mazak Lathe or Mill. 
We do not provide ongoing programming support or details for your specific application
We are not programmers and do not have one on staff
The reason for this is we could never get you the right answer anyway as we can never know which of the many coding options you have or have not purchased with your machine. Every year Mazak updates and changes their controls
The foundational information you find here is all we can provide for you. If you are struggling with programming you need to reach out to the company that sold you the machine to see what options you have purchased and see if Mazak has tweaked code or if you need to add an option.

CNC Broach Tools offers free broaching program templates for Mazak Lathe. If you want to broach your keyways or splines CNC Broach Tools can help!

Click to download PDF >> Mazak 2 axis

Click to download .EIA file

keyway broach in CNC lathe

  1. Do not do this in Mazatrol , that will cause you problems. Switch to .EIA  / G Code because that is the program template we provided
  2. Sometimes the .EIA template won’t work,  depending on how old your controls are, MAZAK changes things constantly
  3. Download our Fanuc Lathe program template and change the .NC file name to .EIA and that may be a better option depending on your machine and controls
Please feel free to leave a comment below to better help improve our templates to help you!

“The Only Inserted CNC Broaching System Manufactured in the USA”

DISCLAIMER: This CNC Broach Tool Program Template is for informational and reference purposes only. It is provided without guarantees or warranty. CNC Broach Tool LLC makes no warranties of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, of title, or of non infringement of third party rights. Use of this programming template by a user is solely and completely at the user’s risk.


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