CNC Broach Distributor Policy

CNC Broach ToolKeyway Broach Slotting Tools
sold through integrators
upon request of end-user only

  • CNC Broach need to go over the internal keyway broach application with our client first. There are many technical things that need to be discussed to verify our keyway broach tool is right for the job. We must verify the operator/programmer has the correct information if they are blind hole broaching. This protects our CNC Broach Tool brand and ensures the keyway cutters work right the first time.
  • CNC Broach does NOT offer a distributor discount so whatever you mark it up on the client is between you and them.
  • CNC Broach advises the client of the cost of the keyway broach tooling so that the client can calculate the true value of the tooling without admin/3rd party fees included.
  • If you are a Distributor do not contact us! Please have our client call or email us first.
  • We will review the internal keyway broach application with them, and advise on price and tooling. We will contact the distributor at the clients request. But only AFTER we speak with the client.

Why can’t I buy Keyway Cutters through distributors without speaking to CNC Broach Tool first?

Keyway Cutter ToolsDistributors artificially inflate the cost of tooling dramatically. How can the engineer accurately calculate true tool value when the administrative costs of the distributor are tacked on and hitting 40-50% ?

We sold through distributors when we first opened for business and found they built a wall between the client and CNC Broach Tool Company. We didn’t know who our real client was and couldn’t provide technical advice. We found the distributor didn’t protect our brand name by making sure the client had Keyway Broach feed/speed/set-up advice before they ran our broach tool for the first time. So clients would come to us after they had a problem rather than just not having the problem.

Distributors wanted us to give them a 20% discount, then they would turn around and mark it up on the client another 20-30%, whatever they could get away with. We wouldn’t even know. We didn’t control the price of our own product in that situation. Which was bad for our brand and our clients. So much money and lip service is paid to “brand this and branding that”. Why would you then allow another company that does not have your best interests in mind represent you?

The distributor makes their money off of turn and burn sales, volume. So they have no incentive to care and provide good service. A distributors livelihood isn’t based on our one product.

But our family’s livelihood relies on the personal relationship we have with our clients and so as a one-product, family company, we are the only ones we trust to provide technical support and great service. Give us a call and find out. 877-248-1631.

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