CNC Spline Broach


Carbide Broach Inserts with Spline Forms are NOT in Stock

All Spline Broach Inserts are a Special Grind with Five Insert minimum order. Not for low volume.

Carbide Spline Broach Inserts fit our standard Keyway Slotting Tools, and have TWO carbide cutting edges.

Please do not email CNC Broach referencing a “standard spline”. The spline shape itself may be standard, but the spline form is only half of the equation. Splines, keyways, or any slot for that matter go into PARTS. And our tool holder might not fit your parts bore or get the length of cut needed.

CNC Broach cannot quote Spline Inserts until we see an appropriate print.

  1. CNC Broach will review the print by phone with you
  2. If CNC Broach products fit, we will send an approval print in a few days
  3. After approval, Spline Broach Inserts are 2-4 weeks to ship

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