Keyseat Cutters for Blind Keyway

CNC Keyseat Broaching Duotec Testimonial

CNC Broach Tool Keyseat Cutters do not go past 5/8 in width tolerance. When Dan Harvey from Duotec Tool in Maple Grove, MN had a 1” wide key slot to cut. We told him that we could not provide broach tooling for his keyway application. Our T58L broach tool could fit his bore, and get his 7” Length of Stroke. We did not offer tooling for the broached key seat width dimension of 1”.

I asked Dan what the depth of his application was and he told me again that it was 7”. I explained that the 7” was his Axial Depth but I needed to know his Radial Depth so that I could offer a potential solution. We discovered that his Depth Radial was a very shallow .070” so I suggested that he take our T58L Broach Tool  and “step it over”. The N58 keyway broach insert for that broach tool has a .338” Depth Radial capability so Dan could create the wider keyseat for his 1” width keyway by cutting two keyways side-by-side.

The ability for CNC Broach Tools to offer the “step it over” solution is limited by Depth Radial of an application. To understand the Depth Radial Broach Dimension visit this blog post “The Forgotten Keyway Broach Dimension”.

Dan had a very limited amount of groove relief at the end of his keyway. We believe because of the shallow radial depth the process was a success.

Here’s Dan’s testimonial. “This blind keyway has no thru-relief, nearly no  groove relief where the keyway stops. It is 1” wide and nearly 7” long. The broach tool (and guidance) from CNC Broach Tool worked amazingly well! Thanks for helping make our project a success!”


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