Single Point Broaching Speeds and Feeds

“These are general single point broaching speeds and feeds guidelines for CNC Broaching based off of actual client testimonials”

Below are speeds and feeds recommended by CNC Broach Tools. Our long term clients have also contributed for automated broaching with carbide, not HSS. CNC Broach Tools use our proprietary TiN coated carbide inserts with two cutting edges.

The patented CNC Broach Tool™ system was originally sold through Razorform Tools for the single point broaching process. This Modern Machine Shop article, called “The Future of Broaching” from September 2007: This is a case study of how our product performed at Baldor Electric Motors (now ABB) on their 4140 motor shafts.

The CNC Broach Tools speeds/feeds chart is a compilation of knowledge and client feedback dating back to 2006 and Razorform Broaching Tools. Here is a more recent video from Baldor showing how we got our .0006” per pass for 56Rc 4140:

Click For Speed/Feed Chart

For a Client Testimonial on 304 Stainless Click the Blog Post Below:


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