Finding Centerline for CNC Broaching Tool System

Correct Centerline Prevents Crashes During the Broaching Process

The downloadable broach tool prints here:  Broach Tool Centerline For Programming   are for all eleven standard keyway slotting tool sizes and have the dimension from the centerline of our broach tool to the top of the keyway broach insert. If you do not take the time to find the center you may crash. As you could be taking to much of a cut for your radial depth.

Also see the picture below: when the set screws press our keyway broach insert up against the right wall of the Broach tool pocket that action locates the insert on center. The right wall is on center of the broach tool.

You still must take the time to “indicate squareness to the part” as depicted here under “Set-Up”: Keyway Cutters Speed Feed

CNC Broach Tools centerline location

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