ID Broach in 304 Stainless Testimonial

Derby Machine Client Testimonial

Thank you Derby Machine for your testimonial on how to ID broach 304 stainless!

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“We had a blind hole to id broach in 304 stainless and found it difficult to find a vendor who could broach our part to print. We were forced to ship our parts from Kansas to Chicago to get them broached. It cost us $15 per part with a $100 set-up fee plus shipping to and from Chicago. Our parts were continuously damaged in shipping so we began to ship them in ammo boxes for protection.

While searching the internet we found a broaching tool at We were very skeptical but had nothing to lose and decided to give them a shot. When we received the tool and started setting up the machine John was very helpful in instructing us on how to install the tool correctly and worked with us to get our program, feeds, and speeds correct.

This tool paid for itself several times over on the first run alone. We get well over 100 parts on a single insert point with a cycle time increase of only 2 minutes 14 seconds. We have ran over a thousand parts using very few inserts and never lost the tool itself we have never scrapped any parts because of the broach. It holds the broach depth and width thru the whole run. I am extremely happy with the results and cost saving of this tool and would recommend it to anyone who has an id broach issue or would like to machine their part complete.

Mike Turner
Operations Mgr.

Keyway Broach in lathe

Keyway Broach in CNC Lathe

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