Male Keyway Broaching: CNC Broach Tool’s Proprietary Design

Leading the charge in internal male keyway broaching, CNC Broach Tools stands at the intersection of expertise and innovation. Our dedication goes beyond adhering to industry norms; we aim to redefine them. With our proprietary male keyway broaching tools, we bring precision, efficiency, and unparalleled quality to every project

Specialized Tooling for Every Application

Recognizing the diverse needs of our clients, we offer two distinct designs for male keyway broaching:

  1. Dual-Cut Male Keyway Inserts – Efficient and Versatile:
    • Ideal for narrow keyways or medium to large bore diameters.
    • Cuts both sides of the keyway simultaneously, offering speed and efficiency.
    • Requires only one broach cycle, reducing overall cycle time.
    • Best suited for standard internal male keyway broaching tasks.
    • Does not allow for chamfering of the keyway.
  2. Split-Cut Male Keyway Inserts – Precision for Specialized Applications:
    • Tailored for small bore diameters or extra wide keyways.
    • Broaches each side of the keyway separately using two tools.
    • Requires two broach cycles, making it slower than the first design.
    • Allows for the addition of chamfers on the male keyway.
    • Provides precision and customization for challenging situations.

Broaching an internal male keyway is a meticulous process that demands precision and expertise. At CNC Broach Tools, we’ve streamlined this process into three key steps to ensure optimal results.

  1. Initial Cutting on a Lathe: The process starts with careful boring of the part on a lathe. This important first step shapes the internal diameters of the workpiece, ensuring there’s enough stock left for the keyway. We use either an internal grooving insert or a back boring bar to efficiently remove extra material from behind where the keyway will be. This also forms a relief area that’s essential for the next broaching step. A standard boring bar is also used to shape the front side and set up the pre-mill diameter of the male keyway. This foundational step is key to preparing for the precise work ahead.
  1. Milling the excess stock: The next phase involves milling to clear away the extra stock around where the male key will be. In this step, we use a standard endmill to precisely mill out the bore material. This shapes the rough form of the keyway. The process is meticulously controlled to ensure the right amount of material is removed, preserving the strength and integrity of the workpiece. This step also completes the main bore around the keyway, focusing on achieving the correct surface finish and accuracy to match the blueprint specifications.
  1. Final Broaching with CNC Broach Tool: The final step is where our expertise truly shines. Utilizing our state-of-the-art CNC Broach Tool, we meticulously broach the final shape of the keyway, usually taking .001 per pass, until we reach our full depth. This step demands the highest level of precision, as it defines the exact dimensions and finish of the keyway. The result is a perfectly shaped male keyway, meeting the exact specifications required for your project.

Lead Times and Expedited Services

We understand that time is of the essence in any machining project. Our standard lead time for male keyway inserts is 21-28 days, ensuring quality without unnecessary delays. For those urgent tasks, we offer an expedited service that reduces this timeframe to just 7-10 days.

Commitment to Quality and Innovation

At CNC Broach Tools, our mission extends beyond simply supplying tools. We aim to be partners in your success, offering not just products but also expertise and support. Our proprietary designs are a testament to this, bringing something truly unique to the table in the realm of internal male keyway broaching.

Explore our range of tools and services, and discover how we can enhance your machining processes. With CNC Broach Tools, you’re not just keeping pace with industry advancements; you’re leading the way.


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