Keyway Slotting Tool Broach Length

Keyway Slotting Tool Broach Length

Frequently CNC Broach gets asked for a longer internal keyway length to broach than our standard slotting tool can reach. One-off special broach toolbars take much more time and money as opposed to modifying our off-the-shelf standard CNC Slotting Tool. Here are three solutions that have been tried and proven by many clients. The attached pictures were provided by clients that were happy with the result:

  1. Turn the “neck” of the tool back for a longer keyway stroke (see pic)
  2. Braze a couple of inches to the “butt” of the broach tool, turn both pieces so they are concentric, and then clamp on the longer length of the slotting tool
  3. Mount the broach tool in a home-made holder that extends it out, The attached pic shows a 13” long keyway being cut without the bar being modified

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