Broach tool on Lathe helps operator

Broach tool on Lathe helps operator discover turret and headstock is out

Here are two examples where our tooling actually helped an operator discover how their machine was out:

“The nice thing is I actually found a machine issue because of this tool. Discovered the turret was off in rotation by 0.075″, never ran a part. Caught it while I was checking to make sure the tool lined up with the relief hole in the part. Noticed by eye that the tool was not centered with the part. Thought it was the holder, but after about 4hrs of troubleshooting I discovered it was the turret. I think the turret pins must be tweaked from a previous crash. I am now going to run the tool in a horizontal machining center where I have way more control.”

-this was from an anonymous machinist working for a big corporation-


Finally (about 3 months ago) figured out the whole off center broach issue. It was indeed the machines headstock was out of square to the tool turret. It apparently had been like this for years before I came to work here. I guess I never turned a long enough diameter to notice the taper/alignment issue. We aligned the headstock and turret back up and the first broached part we ran was on center within .003”.

Your tools are great and I always let people know about your products whenever possible!!

Thank you with all your help with this issue.


Adam Waterhouse

Process Engineer

Clifton Machining CNC Dept.

Machining Division of Great Lakes Automation Services, Inc. / AMI

A Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business

Cage Code: 45RG9

Hi all,
recently was getting a 1/4 taper at the beginning of our keyway. Turns out that the milling head on our 5 axis Mazak doesn’t let the servo’s  kick in quite fast enough to recognize the load.
SO, don’t use the milling heads guys…
Happy Broaching,
un-named client

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