Broach Keyways on Haas Mill

Haas Mill Broaching Program Template

CNC Broach Tool contracted out the broaching templates we offer and that is exactly what they are, a guide to build from for those interested in broaching on their Haas Lathe or Mill. 

We do not provide ongoing programming support or details for your specific application

We are not programmers and do not have one on staff

The reason for this is we could never get you the right answer anyway as we can never know which of the many coding options you have or have not purchased with your machine. Every year Haas updates and changes their controls

The foundational information you find here is all we can provide for you. If you are struggling with programming you need to reach out to the company that sold you the machine to see what options you have purchased and see if Haas has tweaked code or if you need to add an option.

Click here for YouTube video >> Ruland Manufacturing

CNC Broach Tools offers free broaching program templates for Haas Mill. If you want to broach your keyways or splines CNC Broach Tools can help!

Click to download Haas Mill Broach PDF >> CNC BROACH HAAS MILL
Click to download Haas Mill Broach .NC >> HAAS MILL G CODE BROACH.NC

Exile Keyway Broach in Vertical mill
Mill Broaching Blind Keyway

Great Client Input on a common question,

From: Joe
Drifton Precision Machining in Pennsylvania:
We were having trouble indicating the keyway broach square in our Haas Minimill. Here’s the solution:
When orientating the spindle to square up the broach we use an M19 code. We needed to move the position to indicate the broach square. When you use a whole degree you can do M19 PXXX when you need to go less than a whole degree you use an R example M19 R45.05 If you don’t use the R code the spindle will quiver and make indicating difficult. When we got this figured out we had very good success. 

Thanks Joe!! Also readers, here is a sample Haas mill program provided by a client back in 2008 when our broaching tool was sold through Razorform Tools, we do not vouch for it or provide programming for use, but it is an example:

CNC Mill Broaching a Blind Keyway

– When cutting a blind keyway in a mill, gravity is not working with you

– The material you are cutting can pile up into your relief area causing a crash

– We highly recommend a cross-hole relief when using a mill because the coolant can flush your chips out either side

– With a groove relief your chips can pack the groove, resulting in a crash

THINK ABOUT IT, with a cross hole the chip can get flushed out either side, with a groove, oriented vertically there is a chance that your groove gets packed with chips…

  • Please do not ask CNC Broach to program your machine for the keyway slotting application.
  • We can never know the different CNC program options purchased with your lathe or mill. Please reach out to your Haas dealer and find out what CNC programming options you purchased with your lathe or mill.
  • CNC Lathe and Mill manufacturers come out with updated controls frequently. Things may have changed since this CNC Broach Template.
  • The CNC broach program templates are a guide or foundation for the user to tailor to their specific application.
  • There is more advanced CNC Keyway Slotting program information in our Keys to Programming CNC Broach Tools guide.

To read more about slotting blind keyways click here >> Blind Keyway Broaching

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