Anthony Machine Speed Feed Testimonial

Thank you Anthony Machine for the testimonial!

“Good morning John, 

Thought I give you a little feedback on the tool we discussed last week, now that we are in the stage of learning tool life. We started out at F250. With 0.0008”/pass and immediately learned, the machine feeds at a max of 144IPM. So we are actually rapiding through the cut to achieve more than 250IPM. 50% rapid is 196IPM and going to slow possibly being worse, decided to rapid at 100% at 392 IPM (As this won’t affect cycle time on retracts and positioning) No cutting parameter prevented ripples on the first tries yesterday. This morning the machinist realized he never switched the spindle to low gear (even if it’s physically locked, we wanted to be in low gear) Now we have the smooth cut we wanted to see. We are at 0.0012”/pass now at 396 IPMSeeing how the chips roll up I can see how the width of the relief groove was a concern for you, so far they are clearing fine. My boss plans to buy different sizes once future jobs require more internal keyways.


Daniel Goller 

Anthony Machine”

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