Keyway Broaching 316 Stainless- Client Testimonial

Keyway Broaching 316 Stainless- Client Testimonial

Shane King at Atlantic Hard Chrome sent us this picture and his testimonial about broaching 316 Stainless with our Broach Tool. This feedback is extremely important because then we all learn common feed/speed details. This is a very long Keyway at 3.5″

The Broach Tool was ran at 250 Inches per minute and .001″ Depth of Cut per pass

Shane reported insert life of approximately 100 keyways per cutting edge.

Shane said before CNC Broach Tools it used to take his company 30 minutes to put a keyway in with transfer and set up time. With CNC Broach Tools the process is now 2 min per part.

Shane reported he had a job with 100 parts to do which used to take him 50 hours.

With CNC Broach Tools at 2min per part now the process took 3.3 hrs.

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