Blind Keyway Broaching for CNC Lathe

Monty Twingstrom Testimonial

Thank you Monty Twingstrom for your testimonial on blind keyway broaching for your CNC Lathe!

We currently implemented a broach tool from CNC Broach Tool Company, it was a broach application that was not a through hole which required us to look into farming out this application. With implementing the CNC Broach Tool Company tool we were able to not only keep this operation in-house, we were able to combine it to the lathe operation and also because of that we were able to add the drill and tap cross holes to make it complete in one operation which is always a cost saving if you don’t have to handle the parts more than once. Centerline held really well because the bore and the broached keyway were done in the same operation.

Monty Twingstrom
CNC Manager
K-Manufacturing, Inc.
Osseo, MN

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