Why Doesn’t One Broach Tool Holder Fit All?

Why Doesn’t One Broach Tool Fit All?

At CNC Broach Tool we have tried to do our absolute best for providing stock standard off the shelf products. Such as our tool holders and inserts. Unfourtunatly diffrent applications call for diferent sized tools to fit a certain bore sizes. To achive an appropriate length of cut, and to get the depth of cut radialy in your keyway. You may need a 6″ length of cut and your eyes gravitate straight to our T58L, But your bore size is only 1.00. Our T58L wouldn’t fit a bore that small due to the shank diameter. Also because of how high the insert sticks up above the tool. Essentially only making it usable for a bore bigger than 1.685″.

Some solutions that may help given your application is braising bar stock to the butt of the tool to achieve desired length. Another soulution that has been tried and successful by many clients is stepping over if you have Y-Axis capabilities to achieve a certain width. An example would be having an application that calls for a 1″ width keyway. Our biggest off the shelf tool is capable of a 5/8″ keyway. Stepping over with available capabilities would give you the option to accpomplish that 1″ keyway your application is calling for. We have found that many clients have sucessfully modified our tools to gain specific needs to achieve certain one off jobs that are due in a timely manner without breaking a budget.

CNC Broach Tool 4 Slot Shank Design

CNC Broach Tools Size Chart


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