Indexable CNC Point Broach Cutter Special Grinds

CNC Broach Tools specializes in off the shelf indexable CNC point broach cutter inserts. But, we also specialize in catering to our clients! Not all of our inserts can fit the needs of every application. Which is why we take the time to make sure our point broach cutter inserts are correct for you.

Bore size, length of cut, and keyway widths vary from application to application. Some applications call for a standard 1/4″ keyway but require a longer length of cut than our T14L tool provides or a deeper depth radially than our standard N14 indexable CNC point broach cutters provide as well.

In these cases we bump up the tool size and take the standard size point broach cutter inserts for that tool and special grind the width of the inserts to fit your exact tolerance.

Example application:

  • .252″ wide keyway
  • .200″ depth radially
  • 4″ length of cut
  • 2″ bore

Our standard T14L has an overall length of cut of 3″. Our T14L will not reach the desired length of 4″. But, our T12L tool holder has an over all length of cut of 4.25″ and will fit into a 2″ bore as the smallest bore the T12L fits is 1.360″. The base width stays the same to seat properly in the tool while the cutting width gets brought in. Notice in the pictures below as our standard insert is on the left and the special ground insert is directly to the right.

Special grinds are a minimum of a 3pc order + $15 per insert

Special grinds ship within 7-10 days of purchase

Please visit our Broach Tool and Inserts size chart here:


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