Create CNC broach programs in under a minute with new Program Generator!

   CNC Broach Tool™ LLC has created an online Broach G-Code Program Generator which can reduce your programming time from hours to under a minute. Programming a broaching cycle for your CNC Lathe or Mill is now as easy as entering 8-10 inputs and pressing a button. The web application will export up to 2000 lines of g-code program which the user can then copy and paste into their CNC program.

  Programming a broach tool to cut in a CNC machine can be time consuming. This is because linear broaching in a CNC requires multiple passes which take small amounts of material, usually between .0006″ – .0020”, per pass. A keyway which has a radial depth of .400″ and a depth of cut of .001″ per pass, for example, would require 400 passes. When creating a long hand Lathe or Mill program, each pass requires a minimum of 4 lines of G-code. The general layout for each complete pass is as follows:

  1. Position/Reposition on X,Y, Z
  2. Feed in on Z axis
  3. Retract out on X axis
  4. Retract out on Z axis

  The example above which has 400 passes would require 1600 lines of g-code. Sometimes the length of the program can be condensed by using a sub-program with incremental moves and multiple calls. This generally works unless you have limited clearance behind the tool. For example: Let’s say you have a Ø.750 bore and are using our T6MML tool which fits a Ø.745 min bore. An incremental program with a .150” retract for every pass, will crash after the first pass when it retracts out of the cut on X. In this case, you will need to write a long hand program and set your retract point for each pass to an absolute position of Ø.745 instead of using an incremental position.

CNC Broach Tool render

To use The CNC Broach Tool Program Generator:

  1. Choose your machine type: Lathe or Mill. 
  2. Select the type of program you want to export: Long format or Sub Program
  3. Select which tool you’d like to use
  4. Enter the Bore Diameter, Keyway Width, Radial Depth, Z axis start & end points, Depth of Cut, & IPM
  5. For milling machines enter the feed axis and feed direction
  6. Accept the Terms & Conditions
  7. Copy the code (Ctrl C) and paste (Ctrl P) it into your program  

CNC Broach Tool G-Code Program Generator

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