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CNC Broach Tools

CNC mill broaching and CNC lathe broaching allows yet another operation to be completed on your machining center rather than having to:

  • Move parts to a separate key-seater, EDM, or broaching machine
  • Vend out the operation to an expensive broaching house
  • Use valuable shop time making your own tools.

Keyway broaching is one of the most cutting-edge operations in machining. This has prevented previous inserted broach tool designs from standing up to the forces required to broach internal keyways. With clients all around the world, CNC Broach Tool design is proven to stand up to long production runs in any material the machining world uses. Using CNC Broach Tool keyway cutters allows our clients to broach in titanium, 8620, inconel, 4140, 304 stainless, monel, and more!

CNC Broach Tools offers an off-the-shelf solution for the CNC broaching of both blind and through internal keyways. One of the many benefits of broaching on your machining center includes completing a part in a single location, which enables you to ship completed parts when they come off of your lathe or mill. This means there’s no need to transport parts to a separate machine and set them up on center before broaching the “old school way,” which can dramatically lower your operating costs. Blind keyways in particular have long been a problem in the industry due to their need for an expensive, time-consuming die sink operation. But, as long as you have a relief groove or cross-hole, blind keyways can be broached in a CNC mill or lathe with CNC Broach Tools.

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